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About Our Solution

At New Hope For America, we have identified more than 30 major problems our nation faces that we need to solve. Through implementation of our “Restore Jobs” trade strategy, our goal is to help our nation return to prosperity.

Effective Results

A wealth of fantastic benefits are achievable from one new, proven trade strategy. Through our plan, we would be able to effectively: solve all 33 of these problems facing our country:

  1) Revive the U.S. Economy without Needing “Stimulus” Money
  2) Stop the Massive Manufacturing Job-Loss Trend in the U.S.
  3) Stop the Rapid Selling-off of U.S. Owned Capital Assets in the U.S. to Foreigners
  4) Create an Indisputable “Level Playing Field” for U.S. Manufacturers
  5) Eliminate All Tariffs
  6) Eliminate All Nation-Focused Quotas
  7) Eliminate the need for Import-Related Anti-Dumping Legislation

Cargo Ship - Lost Jobs

  8) Make Balanced Trade a Reality
  9) Create a Stable Market Permitting U.S. Oil Companies to Invest in New High-Tech Oil Extraction
10) Revive Idle U.S. Factories
11) Stimulate Entrepreneurship in Manufacturing
12) Improve and Have More Control over Our National Security
13) Significantly Improve Federal, State, and Local Tax Revenues
14) Reduce the Cost of Government’s Attempts to Protect U.S. Jobs
15) Eliminate Our Trade Deficit and the Related Sending of Billions of Trade-Deficit Dollars Overseas
16) U.S. Dollar Becomes Much Stronger with No More U.S. Trade-Deficit Dollars Flooding the World $ Market
17) Higher Education Would See Increased Enrollments in Engineering, Math, and Science
18) Computer Programming Jobs Would Return to the U.S.
19) Tool Making, Mold Making, and Machinist’s Trades Would Be Revived
20) Eliminate the Pressures to “Outsource” Which Today Are Putting U.S. Suppliers out-of-Business
21) Indirectly Cause the Creation of a Large Middle Class in Developing Nations
22) Improve Our Export Potential While at the Same Time Reducing Our Volume of Imports
23) Improve the Security of Import Inspections Due to U.S. Manufacturers Doing the Inspections
24) U.S. Economic Growth Would Receive a Very Big Stimulus
25) Significantly Improve U.S. International Relations
26) The Workers of Mexico Would Be Paid Billions More per Year, Thus Creating a Very Large Middle Class
27) Most of the Illegal Aliens from Mexico, Now Here in the U.S., Would Want to Return Home to Mexico
28) With Good Pay in Mexico, Far Fewer Illegal Aliens Would Be Coming Here Looking for Work
29) Reduce the Amount of Money Available to Communist China for Building Their Military
30) Reduce the Money Available to Communist China for Buying Influence around the World
31) Imports of Tainted Drugs, Food, Toys, Etc. Would Be Stopped by U.S. Manufacturer’s Quality Control
32) Have a True Transition to a Fair, Free Trade, Competitive Environment in the Global Market
33) America Would Once Again Become “the Land of Opportunity” to Start New Manufacturing Businesses

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