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Our Organization

The founder of the New Hope for America (NHFA) foundation, John Westberg, had the opportunity to live the American dream. He was the 2nd generation of a family owned manufacturing company that had been started in their home. He led the business to the 2nd level going from 25 to 625 employees filling 3 plants in 2 states.


During that period the company received national honor by being voted “Manufacturer of the Year” in the automotive high-performance aftermarket. This honor occurred not once but 4 times. Their products were marketed to the public and to Ford, GM, & Chrysler as well as other OEMs.

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The Problem

During the last 40 years, living the American dream became almost impossible for the working people of America because of the “outsourcing” of U.S. manufacturing. Observing this loss of good paying “middle class” jobs, Mr. Westberg established the NHFA foundation to find a solution to this problem.

The Solution

Through research he rediscovered the solution that Japan had used to rebuild their manufacturing base after the devastation of WW 2. Using this concept, they went on to become the No. 2 Economic Power in the world. NHFA suggests utilizing this same proven concept to restore U.S. Manufacturing. This, in turn, would create millions of new jobs, raise the wages of American workers, and restore a robust economy to the U.S. The NHFA Advisory Board consists of 3 other individuals with a combined career experience of over 100 years in the management of manufacturing, retail,  financial investments, and one also serving as a mayor.

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