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Above Photo: This 60,000 sq. ft. plant was home of the largest business in their town until 2007
when it was "shut down" and the jobs sent to China.

Our Closed Factories Need to be Reopened or Build New Plants


Over the last thirty five years, Americans have seen thousands of our factories shut down with the jobs, and careers sent overseas to Asia. This came about because of our government’s "free trade" policies.

This massive loss of manufacturing plants and the related lost “jobs” has had a disastrous impact on the people of America. This has affected almost every aspect of their personal, family, financial, and community lives. Some communities have been left to a depressing and hopeless future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring hope back to the people of America. By reviving the manufacturing base of our nation, we will bring back the high-paying manufacturing jobs and careers that built America’s middle-class. Once again the working people of America will be able to look forward to a stable and prosperous future.

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View inside the "shut down" plant
shown in photo above. 

Check Out Our Videos
Join us in this task by watching the three videos on our Resources page. Once you have reviewed our material there is a simple way to make a difference on this issue.

Just contact your Congressman and suggest that he contact NHFA to learn about a proven trade policy that could restore our jobs and careers. You can leave the rest to us at NHFA.

If enough people do this, we, the voters, can take charge and “force” Congress to actually do what needs to be done to revive our economy.

We need our high-paying middle-class manufacturing jobs and careers back. This is critical for the survival of America’s “middle-class” families, and our economy.

Contact us to restore our nation's economy by bringing the "orders" and "jobs" back to the manufacturers in America.