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U.S. “Middle-Class”
Jobs & Careers Have Been “Outsourced!”

Millions of U.S. workers have watched with helplessness and despair as their jobs and careers were “outsourced” to foreign countries. These jobs represent “middle-class” America . . . the foundational strength of our country. If this situation has impacted you then this website was made for you.
It will present some new concepts for a “free market” trade policy to bring back millions of secure high-paying manufacturing jobs and give America a stable and growing economy.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to bring hope and good paying jobs and careers back to the people of America by reviving the
manufacturing base of our nation.

Our Plan

The proposed NHFA plan improves our country's trade policy with “Free Market” principles that eliminate tariffs, and levels the playing field between the low-cost foreign manufacturers and American manufacturers. This action will restore the good high-paying manufacturing jobs, our careers, and our economy.
Armed with this knowledge, U.S. voters can demand implementation action from their Congressional Representatives. Its really up to us if we want to bring our good jobs back. This website will give you the “tools” you need to do this.
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